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We help your company with (High Speed) Internet as well as providing hardware performance, both Cloud as on-premise based. We make sure your company's data is continuously backed up for security reasons. Other services are also available.

Backup As a Service

By sides to performance the most important factor in IT is of course the backup. At IRC backup is the holy grail, our backup is a holy. We cherish it so highly that we, in case wanted, can offer backup to Sweden. 

Since 2008 IRC cooperates with Commvault to ensure your backup. IRC was the 2nd Belgian partner to Commvault, Belgacom being the first.

We offer backup as a service, we make sure that your infrastructure as well as your data is backed up. We can even make a full DR plan and execute of needed. 

Every backup is thoroughly tested, and a DR backup plan we try to test once per year, always in agreement with the client.

Internet As a Service

Since 2015 IRC is also a telecom operator.

Together with 10 other companies in Dendermonde, iRC was part in founding the cooperate company Fiber Connect. The business purpose of Fiber Connect was to be able to offer affordable gigabit speed Internet to companies in the area.

The connected companies are all foreseen with an in the ground glass fiber connection. Through this glass fiber runs a multi 100 Mbit connection so that the companies can run on a redundant Internet connection with a very performant speed. Today we even offer speeds up to 10 Gbps.

For all companies a Gigabit firewall is also included, so that a performant but most importantly also safe connection is provided.

The proof of concept was carried out together with Cisco, the installation of the network is completely under the control and management of our Infrastructure team. 

In the meantime the connected companies have an operational internet connection from Fiber Connect. The intial agreement was to ensure an uptime of 99.95, the effective uptime realized was 99.98.

Infrastructure as a service

Your focus is your company, and should stay so. You do not want to spent unnecessary time on ICT, hardwar, software, services-you name it. 

But you do want to be able to manage the cost of your IT, and how it is invested> Even the cost per employee, and type of employee.




Software Services

Streamline your business processes by using our (own developed) business tools.





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